NOD32 Anitvirus for Linux Desktop






  • Fixed: Graphical user interface service crashes
  • Fixed: "Sudo apt --reinstall install wget" command error
  • Fixed: Privacy policy button in installation wizard
  • Fixed: Occasional issue when opening a folder on a desktop in a Gnome environment


  • Fixed: Crashing of Mozilla Firefox
  • Fixed: Crashing of nrof when running man results


  • Changed: Updated legal terms and sensitive information handling due to EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Fixed: Missing text in protection status message when product is not updated
  • Fixed: Unnecessary listing of mounted network shares excluded from on-demand scanning
  • Fixed: 32-bit processes not protected by on-access library in multiarch environment
  • Fixed: Installation fails if mounted /tmp has "noexec" privileges
  • Fixed: Installation scripts do not detect LIB directories correctly

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