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Inquiries into partnership with ESET can be made by contacting us at sales@microbe.com.au or by filling out our online application.

At ESET, the importance of partners has never been underestimated. The entirety of ESET sales are made exclusively through partners, utilizing channel-specific marketing and increasing personnel and resources.  Their sales strategy is dependant on strategic, long-term business partnerships which have been key to their success. To capitalize on this strategy, ESET has developed key relationships with system integration partners, value-added resellers (VAR), and OEM partners.

With the huge influx of internet-connected devices onto the global market, security has become more important then ever. ESET has stepped up to the challenge with their Partner Program, designed to expand joint business opportunities and provide increased benefits by combining their efforts with Channel Partners. With ESET’s Partner Program, partners will have an opportunity to deliver stunning solutions to consumers, SMB and enterprise customers while greatly increasing their profits.

"At ESET, we are dedicated to developing high performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers, keeping out all known and emerging forms of malware."

Miroslav Trnka, Co-Founder of ESET

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There are numerous ways your company can benefit by joining the ranks of Microbe ESET partners. The internet security market is booming, and customers are always looking to take their ESET experience to the next level. By submitting your Microbe Reseller Application, you too could become part of this rapidly growing market. You will be given the opportunity to bolster the ESET ecosystem while greatly increasing your profit margins.

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Microbe is currently offering a new ESET resellers 20% margin and can work their way up to 30%

With 14 years of experience in security solutions, we will provide you with the tools and assistance needed to grow your sales and increase profit.

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How to Become a Partner

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming one of our resellers, please fill out the following application form.