ESET Software | Return Policy for Microbe e-store
We at Microbe believe that our security software is the best on the market today. Due to our commitment to client satisfaction, ESET software comes with a generous 30 day return policy. If you have purchased any ESET product and found that it does not meet your expectations, we will be happy to provide a full refund in exchange for a return. Any ESET license will be declared expired upon submission of a refund request. Any removable media that has been delivered with an ESET product (i.e CD ROM, flash drive) must be returned (at your cost) at resell quality for refund eligibility.

Need more than 30 days to evaluate a product?
Some customers might need more than 30 days to fully evaluate ESET security solutions. If you fall into this group, we highly recommend taking advantage of our 30 day free trial PRIOR to purchase. If, after testing a trial version, you decide not to make a purchase, the only step you are left with is uninstalling your ESET software. If however, you decide to purchase an ESET security solution, our 30 day return policy still applies.

Returning an ESET product to the Microbe reseller:
Before submitting a request for a full refund, be sure to double-check your receipt to confirm that your product has been purchased from Microbe Pty Ltd ( If your product has not been purchased via Microbe Pty Ltd, you must contact the ESET reseller specified on your receipt for information on submitting a request for a full refund.
To submit a refund request to Microbe Pty Ltd, send an email to with a subject line of “Product Return”. In the email body, state your reason for return as well as a contact name and phone number.
A Microbe representative will process your request upon delivery. Although we process requests immediately, it may take up to one full credit card billing cycle before the credit appears on your card statement.

If you’d like to request a warranty related return outside the standard 30-day return policy, please make note of your rights under our End User Licensing Agreement.