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Maintain a clean and secure network and shield your company endpoints, including computers, mobile devices, and file servers, from malicious code and data theft. Manage your complete security system from a single terminal. ESET has been a leading pioneer in the IT security industry for over 25 years making us the perfect solution to keep your company safe.


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Endpoint Antivirus

Our Endpoint Antivirus solution provides a complete security experience (including antivirus and antispyware) regardless of the size of your company. Our device control technologies allow you to limit access to unauthorized mobile storage devices while our powerful cloud powered scanning keeps your security up to date at all times.

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Mobile Security

ESET provides a complete mobile security solution which contains features such as antivirus protection and call blocking. Of course no mobile security suite is complete without powerful Anti-Theft software. ESET’s Anti-Theft provides options for tracking and remotely wiping mobile devices, keeping your sensitive data safe from unauthorized use.

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File Security

ESET has optimized its antivirus and antispyware solutions for use in a complex server environment. With little impact on system resources, our file security solution provides constant security for server-stored data while ensuring the server runs smoothly.

Remote Administration

ESET’s remote administration allows you to safely manage company security from a single location, regardless of operating system or device type. With this suite installed, you can now remotely install and upgrade ESET security software, generate reports, and control data access policies.


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Mix and Match

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ESET Unilicense covers most popular computer, smartphone and tablet and File Server operating systems, allowing to mix and match endpoint protection among the following devices:

Computer: Windows, Mac, Linux
Smartphone and Tablet: Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile
File Server: Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris

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Proven and Certified Solutions

"Over the years and throughout different tests, we've seen that ESET develops high-performing security solutions that have a small impact on system performance."
Andreas Clementi, founder and chairman, AV-Comparatives

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