Keep company data safe
on mobile devices

Full mobile protection

Thwart unauthorized access (over Bluetooth or Wi-fi) of company-owned mobile devices. With Endpoint Security for Android, applications, local files and files on removable SD cards are kept safe from corporate espionage.

Track, Lock, Erase

Track a lost or stolen smartphone or tablet with highly accurate location software. If a mobile device contains sensitive data or is able to access company servers, locking the device remotely prevents unauthorized access. For a final layer of security, Endpoint Security also allows remote removal of contacts, communication and data on any Android device.

A Flexible Licensing Solution

Unilicense, ESET’s one-of-a-kind licensing system, allows deployment of ESET security software on a wide range of platforms and operating systems across company networks.
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Remote Administration

Remote Administration imageESET’s Remote Administration provides you with many remote services including checking the security status of company mobile device endpoints, receiving platform overviews, running on-demand malware scans, updating security policies, enforcing password protection for uninstallations, and much more.
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Verified and Reliable

AV-Comparatives logo "For users who want to operate their smartphone with multiple SIM cards, ESET Mobile Security for Android is a good choice. Moreover, there is a very good help feature which should answer any questions that come up." AV-Comparatives, September 2012

Extensive Compatibility

Broad Compatibility image Endpoint Security for Android supports all devices running Android such as smartphones, tablets, readers and more.

In addition, ESET has developed versions compatible with Symbian and Windows mobile. Learn more


Device Security*

SMS/MMS Antispam
Stay on top of your SMS/MMS communication. With ESET’s SMS/MMS Antispam you can now define blacklists/whitelists to minimize unwanted messages or simply prevent any communication from unknown numbers.

Real-time Protection
ESET NOD32 proactive technology has been perfectly optimized for mobile devices enabling full application and data protection.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android screenshot

Security Audit
ESET provides on request security audits, allowing you to stay informed on vital device functions. The Security Audit provides information on your device’s battery level, Bluetooth status, available storage space, active processes and more.

On-access Scanning
Sophisticated, on-access scanning provides a layer of protection for mobile devices against threats which access the system via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

On-demand Scanning
ESET’s on-demand scanning provides accurate detection and removal of security threats from integrated memory and removable media. Additional options include scanning specific folders and media.

Administrator Message
Employing ESET Remote Administrator, system and network administrator are able to push custom messages to mobile devices with priority levels set to normal, warning, or critical warning.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android - screenshot




Anti-Theft System*

Remote Lock
Remote locking technology allows you to disable access on lost or stolen devices by means of an SMS command. Until authorization is given, all data stored on the device will be inaccessible.

Remote Wipe
Remotely erase any contacts, communications or sensitive data on your mobile devices. On devices running Android 2.2 and above, improved cleaning procedures guarantee permanent removal, safe from any attempts at data restoration.

GPS Localization
With advanced location tracking technology, a device can be located via SMS command and tracked using the device’s GPS coordinates.

SIM Matching
SIM matching allows you to keep track of all SIM cards in company smartphones remotely. When an unrecognized or unauthorized SIM is inserted, detailed information on the SIM including the phone number and IMSI/IMEI codes will be delivered to an Admin Contact’s phone number.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android - screenshot


Admin Contacts
To accelerate retrieval of important information regarding the loss or theft of a mobile device, specify one or more Admin Contacts which can be immediately notified.

Call Blocking
Call blocking allows you to prevent harassment or monolithic phone bills. Create a list of whitelisted/blacklisted contacts and prevent calls to unauthorized numbers.

Uninstall Protection
To ensure maximum protection of company devices, ESET Endpoint Security for Android (Android 2.2+) implements password protected uninstalls, preventing unauthorized individuals from removing vital security software.


* Following features not available for tablets which do not support calling and messaging:
Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, GPS Localization, SIM Matching, Admin Contacts, Call Blocking, SMS/MMS Antispam.




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System Requirements

Operating System:
Android 2.0 and higher
(Remote Wipe and Uninstall protection available on Android 2.2 and higher)

Free memory: 1 MB
RAM: 128+ MB
Internal memory: 5+ MB
SD card: Required
Screen: Touch screen (minimal 240x320px, recommended 320x480px)
Processor: 600+ MHz
Internet connection