ESET Mobile Security Business Edition - Windows

Stay Safe. Anytime, Anyplace.
Keep your company’s mobile devices
safe from malicious threats and data theft.

Key Features and Benefits


Central Management

ESET Remote Administrator delivers easy management of network endpoint from a single location.



Keep Roaming Fees in Check

Data Roaming Blocker monitors and controls outgoing calls and data in roaming helping you keep costs to an absolute minimum.



Mobile Threat Protection

Scans files for malicious content as they are downloaded via Wi-Fi or opened.



Thwart External Interference

ESET Smart Firewall protects you against gaps in security and is fully customizable, allowing you to set up custom profiles and very flexible rules.



Stay on Top of System Weaknesses

Access live overviews of system security by means of logs and statistics.




Anti-theft System

with Remote Wipe and SIM-Matching.



Remote Wipe

When critical data is at risk, ESET Mobile Security Business Edition provides a last resort in the case of a theft or loss. Initiating a remote wipe allows you to clear your device of contacts, communication and stored data to avoid identity theft or misuse of sensitive information.



SIM Matching

ESET’s SIM matching software allows you to specify authorized SIM cards for a specific device. When an unauthorized SIM is inserted, you or a trusted contact will be notified via text message with information such as the SIM number and IMEI/IMSI codes, aiding in location of a missing device.



SMS-MMS Antispam

Only receive calls from numbers you trust by using whitelists/blacklists or simply disable all communication from unknown numbers.



Security Audit

ESET’s Security Audit offers a detailed overview of vital smartphone’s functions. Information covering battery life, storage space, active processes, and connectivity can be retrieved at the touch of a button, allowing you to take appropriate action in case of a threat.



ESET Mobile Security Business Edition

ESET Mobile Security Business Edition keeps sensitive data safe from unsanctioned access and misuse while you are on the move. MSBE has been optimized for use on Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.



Free Inclusion of ESET Remote Administrator

Every licensed copy of ESET Mobile Security Business Edition includes a copy of
ESET Remote Administrator Remote Administrator is a complete management solution for endpoint security from a single console, allowing policy application, scheduling and running scans, update management and more.

ESET Remote Administrator in detail


System Requirements

Operating Systems
Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 or 2 (Nokia only)
Symbian S60 5th Edition (Nokia only)
Symbianˆ3 (Nokia only)*
Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5

Memory: 1 MB

*Note for Symbian devices:
Symbian Belle not supported

Compatible Devices

See list of Compatible Devices

More Information

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