ESET Mail Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris

Email Gateway Security
With critically acclaimed anti-spam and antivirus solutions at its disposal,
ESET is the top choice in e-mail communication security.

With comprehensive support for Linux, BSD and Solaris based mail servers,
ESET Mail Security provides highly effective protection from recognized as well as emerging types of malware including various worms, viruses, Trojans and other malicious, online security threats.
With ESET’s powerful solution developed and optimized for Unix-based servers,
network and other IT administrators no longer need to make the choice between safety and performance.

New Features


Support for Novell Groupwise NEW

Due to the collaboration software growing popularity, ESET Mail Security now has full compatibility with Groupwise. ESET’s scanning agent may now be directly integrated into any Groupwise environment.



A Refined Anti-Spam Engine NEW

ESET’s new and improved Anti-Spam engine has now been upgraded with extensive configuration options as well as a fresh web interface, making management a breeze.



Improved WWWI NEW

ESET Mail Security’s new interface allows even more comprehensive and detailed parameter options.




Updated Scheduler NEW

To help improve user productivity, Mail Security’s new scheduler allows for the creation and execution of multiple tasks and actions, enabling a more hands-off approach to administration.



Support for Free BSD 8 NEW

ESET Mail Security now fully supports the BSD 8 operating system due to high customer demand.



Improved Scanning Core NEW

ESET has taken Mail Security for Linux Desktop to the next level with the inclusion of the formidable ThreatSense® scanning engine, best known as a core component of the award-winning ESET NOD32 Antivirus software.



ESET Mail Security Product Card

Key Features and Benefits


Routine Bidirectional Security

Analyze all incoming and outgoing mail across multiple protocols (POP3, SMPT, IMAP) for the presence of worms, viruses, spyware and other malicious content.



Object Handling Control

Gives administrators the ability to define a set of actions to be taken (i.e blocking communications) based on the results of a scan.



Integration with Common Mail Transfer Agents

Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, Exim and Zmailer are among the many mail transfer agents (MTAs) supported by ESET Mail Security’s dedicated content filter modules.




Ultra-Specific Configuration Options

Mail server administrators that require advanced configuration options will appreciate the ability to set specific scanner parameters on a per domain, or even per mailbox, basis.



Centralized Management

ESET Remote Administrator makes the management of security products on large, sometimes cross-platform networks simpler and far more efficient.



Effective Spam Filter

A powerful anti-spam solution keeps your inbox free of unwanted mail by applying multiple, simultaneous techniques allowing for a high rate of detection.




Easy to Manage

An instinctive, user friendly web-based administration interface allows for the configuration, administration and even license management of single servers using ESET security software.



Efficient and Timely Updates

ESET Virus Lab’s remarkably compact updates are applied through a streamlined, automated process, ensuring top-class security at all times without creating an unnecessary load on system resources.



Free Inclusion of ESET Remote Administrator

Every licensed copy of ESET Mail Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris includes a copy of
ESET Remote Administrator Remote Administrator allows complete management of endpoint security from a single console, including policy application, scheduling and running scans, managing updates and more.

ESET Remote Administrator in detail


ESET Remote Administrator


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Award-winning, Certified Protection
ESET’s security solutions have been highly acclaimed in the security community, having received many awards and distinctions, most notable of which is the record for most consecutive Virus Bulletin VB100 Awards. Learn more


System Requirements

Processor Architecture
Intel or AMD x86/x64

Operating Systems
Linux - Kernel version 2.6.x or higher; glibc 2.3.6 or higher
FreeBSD - Version 6.x, 7.x, 8.x & 9.x
NetBSD - Version 4.x
Sun Solaris
- Version 10

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