ESET® Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

Safeguard your business email gateway
with proven antivirus and antispam

Protect the Whole Server - mailboxes and the server environment

Award-winning technology - holder of the VB SPAM+ award

Real File Type Detection - with policies for specific e-mail attachment content

ESET Remote Administrator - for easy, centralized security management


What's New

Malware Protection with Antispam

Easy to Manage,

Reporting and Technical

Previous versions Current version (4.5)
Antispam, Antivirus & Antispyware
Protection of host server
Automatic exclusion of critical files
Real file type detection -
eShell (ESET Shell) command line control -
Smooth migration from v4.2 and v4.3 -
Full antispam settings in product GUI -
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 support -
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 support -


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