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ESET Business Security Packs

Discover the advantages of investing in our complete security packs for businesses.
Buying our products as a pack provides you with a full security setup instantly and saves on the costs of buying each product separately.

* For the specific terms and availability in your area, please contact your local reseller

"I've experienced various antivirus vendors over the years, and I was still surprised by ESET superb performances. Your product plus service are incomparable."

., ESET business customer, Israel




File Servers




ESET Home Office Security Pack

Full basic protection covering network endpoints, mobile devices and fileservers.

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ESET Small Business Security Pack

Our antivirus and antispyware solutions

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Mix and match your security.

ESET’s Business Pack licenses cover all the most common operating systems. Regardless of what combination you run on your personal computers or mobile devices (OS X, Windows, Linux, Android), our security packs allow deployment without letting any licenses go to waste.

Efficient Resource Management

Managing security from a single device or console helps prevent overloading system resources. With a miniscule impact on your system, older hardware is able to be preserved for a longer period of time.

Unlimited Upgrades

If an installed ESET product gets an upgrade, the latest version can automatically be installed for free. Access to our latest solutions will always be at your fingertips. If you’ve upgraded hardware or replaced older machines, licenses can be transferred quickly and without unnecessary hassles.

Powerful Mail Security

ESET’s award winning detection technology helps keep your inbox free of malware and spam. Our solutions provide full protection, covering servers, mailboxes and your server environment, regardless of what operating system you use.


Trust ESET, the industry leader in proactive protection

Reliable and Dependable

ESET has quickly become the security vendor of choice for over 100 million IT professionals and users.

Virus Bulletin Award

With record breaking security technology, ESET will keep you safer than ever.

Need additional security?

ESET Business Solutions helps you scale your security with your business providing additional security for a larger number of machines and devices.





ESET Security Packs contain:

Internet Security

Smartphone & Tablet* Security

✓ Remote Administration
✓ Antivirus
✓ Antispyware
✓ Anti-rootkit
✓ Antispam
✓ Firewall
✓ Device Control
✓ Password Protected Uninstall
✓ Small System Footprint
✓ System Rescue
✓ System Inspector
✓ Free Technical Support

✓ Remote Administration
✓ Anti-Theft System
✓ Remote Lock
✓ Remote Wipe
✓ GPS Localization
✓ Call Blocking
✓ App Scanning
✓ SMS/MMS Antispam
✓ SIM Matching
✓ Security Audit
✓ Free Technical Support

* some features are not available for tablets which do not support calling and messaging