Unilicense:Covers all operating systems
in a mixed network

How is ESET Unilicense applied?ESET Licensing Scheme


With support for all the most common operating systems across multiple devices, Unilicense allows you to combine security solutions across a range of devices. Unilicense allows you to transfer a license to a different platform, eliminating the need to purchase new licenses.

Unilicense coverage of Operating systems:
Computer: Windows, Mac, Linux
Smartphone and Tablet: Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile
File Server: Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris

Choose your own license combination

ESET Unilicense allows for a lot of flexibility regarding the purchase and licensing of ESET products. Because Unilicense supports a wide range of platforms and devices, combining security licenses to suit your needs means you don’t have to worry about wasting platform-specific licenses.

For companies with 25 or fewer seats:
Unilicense applies to mobile devices (i.e smartphones and tablets), netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, terminals and virtual machines.

For companies with 25+ seats:
Unilicense applies to all the above plus file servers.

Switch platforms at a moment’s notice

ESET Unilicense allows customers to transfer licenses between platforms and operating systems. Transfers are permitted for any currently valid license, eliminating the need to purchase an new license.

For an example of Unilicense’s transfer functionality, imagine you’ve recently made the switch from a Windows operating system to some distribution of Linux. If you owned an ESET product with a valid license before you switched from Windows, Unilicense allows you to simply download the appropriate version of the same product and register it using your previous license credentials.

Transfer ESET licenses between devices.

Unilicense allows license transfers not only when swapping between operating systems but also when changing devices entirely.

License transfers between computers work in much the same way as transfers across operating systems. If you’ve recently given up your MacBook for a desktop computer using Linux, Unilicense will allow you to simply transfer all license information to your new machine, provided you no longer use the ESET product in question on your previous device.