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Researchers have discovered a significant flaw in many Wi-Fi devices, which has been named KRACK (key reinstallation attacks). The flaw could allow hackers to decrypt or corrupt data, or takeover internet sessions.

KRACK potentially leaves millions vulnerable to cybercriminals. Through this vulnerability, it is possible to access sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, pictures, chat messages and emails.

All Wi-Fi connected devices are affected, this includes mobile phones, tablets, computers and internet routers. However, it is important to note that a hacker needs to be physically close to the device to attack.

How to Protect Yourself

To protect yourself from this vulnerability be sure to install the latest software updates for your device. Additionally, you should consider any Wi-Fi network as a potential vulnerability. Ensure you have a reliable security solution installed, such as ESET Internet Security.

By Amy at 17 Oct 2017, 17:48 PM