ESET Researchers Discover First-Ever Ransomware Misusing Android Accessibility Services

ESET researchers have discovered DoubleLocker, an innovative android malware which extorts its victims for cash.
By Amy at 18 Oct 2017


Researchers have discovered a significant flaw in many Wi-Fi devices, which has been named KRACK (key reinstallation attacks). The flaw could allow hackers to decrypt or corrupt data, or takeover internet sessions.
By Amy at 17 Oct 2017


Cybercrime is a real problem is Australia, and one the police take seriously...
By Amy at 8 Sep 2017

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware specifically designed for extortion. There are many variants of ransomware, but the premise is always the same, ransomware will stop access to your device or the data on it until you pay a ransom...
By Amy at 17 Aug 2017

Keep Your Privates Private

When shopping, banking or storing files and images, many internet users leave themselves exposed to cyber threats, as they do not have adequate protection....
By Amy at 2 Aug 2017